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fathers and was an exchange student in iowa in the 1980s. with us today is peter mattis one of the brightest of a new generation of china analysts. now with the jamestown stown foundation where he's the editor of the "china brief." welcome to the program. >> thank you for having me vago. >> what do we know about xi that tells you how he's going to govern differently from hu? >> i think one of the most important things about xi is that he is first and foremost, a nationalist. he's someone who believes in china. he's grown up in china that is reform and opening up. he entered government in the late 1970s right after jinping inaugurated the new set roll policies and he is really the cream of a set of officials that have come up through the entire period in china. as far as how he's different than hu jintao, i think people want to paint him as being a conservative in that hu jintao was a reformer but i'm not hour the record of the last sen years -- sure the record of the last ten years really points jintao and his people as necessarily being reformers and xi as necessarily being
of love behind me. >> reporter: in 2008, vicky and her husband peter learned their son had cancer. while mattie was in the hospital, friends supplied them with a steady stream of snacks. >> when i look at chocolate now, it makes me smile. i mean i loved candy before mattie got sick but dandy symbolizes to me love. people went out of their way to buy me candy or something sweet. >> reporter: in 2009, mattie died. >> it's a constant struggle when you lose a child to cancer. you need a direction and a purpose in life. >> reporter: something tangible. at the moment, that something is candy. here's where it will end up. >> we have sodas, chips. >> reporter: on a snack cart rolling through the hospital where mattie died. >> and when you have a sick child, there are lots of things that can be in short supply. one is time, another is mean. everything on the cart is free. >> families look forward to seeing the snack cart. their eyes glow, their mouths are smiling. they know that other people outside of the hospital are thinking of them. >> reporter: the browns started the mattie miracle cancer fo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2